EGS Meetings

EGS has a new meeting location !  The new location is at:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 15700 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, Edmond OK 73170.   Effective with the October 18th, 2021 meeting.

EGS meets the third Monday of every month, except December.    All meetings start with a social time at 6:00pm, with the main program at 6:30pm.   EGS members (look for the EGS badge) will answer your genealogical questions at the meeting.   Membership is open to anyone interested in historical or genealogical research.

The EGS Board of Directors meetings are held on different months, at the Edmond Historical Society and Museum.

Please visit our EGS Facebook page for the latest announcements about Edmond Genealogical Society and postings of interest in genealogy and history.

The EGS meetings are held at 15700 N. Penn, Edmond, OK 73170.  Starting time is 6:30pm.   Masks are required at this time.